Downsizing Edmonton
Getting rid of stuff is never really easy. But when you're moving to a new smaller place and have to downsize your belongings, you've usually got a hard deadline and actual space limitations breathing down your neck. Whether you've got a move coming up or just need to declutter, listen up to some of the advice from real tenants who have recently moved. 
I have asked some of our recent tenants who have moved from a house to a 1 or 2 bedroom with Leston Holdings and this is what they had to say.
"A new space is an opportunity to try out a different look than your last home!"
Cindy L, who downsized from a 4-bedroom to a 2-bedroom home, suggests:

Plan Ahead:
Give yourself time to decide what items are important to you, and pre-plan the layout of your new space. This way you won't waste time and energy moving things to the new space that won't fit. Don't be afraid to start over. A new space is an opportunity to try out a totally different look than your last home! Be bold, don't feel like you have to shy away from bright colors because space is small."
"I think we fear the idea of the process more than the process itself."

Enjoy the process:
Maria G, who moved into a 1 Bedroom, advises:
"I would tell anyone else downsizing to enjoy it! I think we fear the idea of the process more than the process itself. I promise it will not be nearly as painful as you think, and you'll learn a lot about yourself and just how much you can live without."
"It took longer than I thought it would pare down."
Take your time:
Francis E, says:  
"Take your time. It took longer than I thought it would. If you have the time, sell your stuff rather than doing it through consignment stores. Make use of rolling racks  they are so useful when you don't have enough closet space. And fabric boxes! They are a lifesaver they organize everything from linen to stationary, and look nice."
If your looking to downsize to a stylish Apartment. Simply Check out Leston Holdings for your next move!



“Thanks for replying so quick. You have been nothing but lovely. You are always on top of things. Whenever I require something done, you are on it right away. I appreciate it very much.”

- Tanya Nguyen

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