Sparke and Shine

It's the details that allow something like an outfit or, in this case, your home to really sparkle and  shine. Even when the furniture is flawlessly laid out, and the decor is impeccably styled, an itty bitty little detail might be bringing the whole look down.

Simply said, we're talking about doors. Yes, I said doors. Have you every noticed how acutually dirty your doors can get? Fingerprints, dust, grim. GROSS!  

They likely don't get touched with your everyday cleaning habits, and yet, you and anyone who visits your home walks through at least one every day. Cleaning your doors and doorknobs is like polishing your jewelry it's an every-once-in-a-while task that lends a particular shine to your apartment.
First Thing's First: Assemble Your Kit
So how do we tackle this itty bitty task? You can start by putting together and easy to carry around kit. Because your doors are located in different parts of your apartment, you'll want to easily be able to drag your cleaning supplies from one to the next. It's a small effort that makes quick work of the whole process.

So grab a caddy or bucket or even a grocery bag and stash inside these three things: something to dust with, something to wipe with, and a disinfecting cleaning solution. If you're a cleaning wipes person, you've got the last two knocked out in one.

Then Do the Door Clean Routine
Once you've got your kit, the cleaning part couldn't be easier. Grab your supplies and walk around to each of your doors (if you have many, maybe just focus on the interior) and tackle the same quick routine:
Dust around the door frame and on top of the open door. I'm warning you if you have always-open doors in your apartment, you might experience dust shock similar to when you finally clean your ceiling fans.

Wipe down each face of the door and around the door frame with either a wet cloth or sponge be sure to use a bit of all purpose cleaner.
Clean the door knobs with a disinfecting solution making sure to use the right cleaner for the material your knobs are made out of. For instance, brass will do best with a special brass cleaner you can pick up at a home store.

Repeat as needed for the doors inside your apartment, then marvel at how sparkling clean your apartment looks!

What do you do to make your place sparkle and shine?



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   -Laura W.        

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