Frequently asked questions and answers

After viewing an apartment or townhome, our leasing staff will send you the digital application. 

You can pay your rent online through our Resident Portal. You can pay your rent by debit card, credit card, or ECheque EFT. We also accept checks and money orders.

You can cancel your Automatic Payments directly from your Resident Portal. If you have any questions, please call our head office.

Our townhomes welcome small dogs under 10lbs.  When bringing home a new pet, please remember any pet must be pre-approved by your property manager and the one-time non-refundable pet fee ($250 per pet) must be paid prior to the pet occupying the premise.  Dogs are not permitted as visitors or residents in any of our apartments.

Please refer to the Property pages for utility information for our apartment buildings.  In our town-homes tenants are responsible to pay for their own heat, water and power.

Please search our available listings here and contact the property manager for any suite that you’re interested in viewing.  

Yes, all of our apartments have coin or card operated laundry facilities and our town-homes are equip with their own washer and dryer.

Due to the irritation and health risks of exposure to second hand-smoke, increase risk of fire and increased maintenance and cleaning; all forms of smoking are prohibited from inside all of our buildings; including individual units, common areas and adjoining grounds. This policy was adopted through attrition upon the latter of the purchase of the building by Leston Holdings or as of January 1, 2011 and existing tenants were grandfathered (exempted) for the length of their tenancies unless they choose to sign a no-smoking policy lease addendum.

Select buildings are family-friendly. Please contact our office directly for more details.

A $50 late fee will be charged on any rents paid after the first of the month and a $50 service fee will be charged on any cheques returned non-sufficient funds (NSF). If an NSF is not reimbursed within the first five business days of the month then an additional $50 late fee will be charged. All late and NSF rents (including fees) must be paid via cash or money order and we ask that, if possible, you let us know in advance in order to prevent any additional fees.

Unfortunately, sometimes people don’t realise that parking stalls are individually assigned.  If an unauthorised vehicle is in your parking stall please feel free to leave a note on the vehicle and/or contact your property manager.  If this happens after-hours, or is a reoccurring problem, you can contact the non-emergency police services line at 780-423-4567 to have a bylaw officer tag & tow the vehicle.  To prove that the stall is assigned to you, you will need to provide the officer with a copy of your lease and the parking diagram that you were given when you moved in.  Check your welcome package folder!

Please contact your property manager to discuss renewal options.  For your convenience everything can be signed online!

In the event that you wish to end your Lease early (prior to the end of the fixed term) then you will be charged an additional one month’s rent as a re-rental fee and we will assign the suite to a new tenant. You would remain fully responsible for paying the agreed upon monthly rent as detailed in Section 4 of your Lease and all other terms of the Lease would remain in full effect until a new suitable tenant was found.

Please call your Property Manager for assistance.

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