backyard bbq games

The holy trinity of a great get together is food, refreshments and entertainment, with bonus points if you can keep everything on theme.

For a backyard BBQ, summer picnic or pool party, that means breezy outdoor games that can be picked up quick to invite everyone in on the fun. With full bellies and happy hearts, your guests will leave your place thinking, "Best. Party. Ever."

Our list of the best BBQ party games includes some classics, one promising newbie, and a few sized up yard versions of your game night favorites. Whether you buy or DIY, you and your guests will definitely have a blast.

Giant Jenga

An oversized game that will surely bring a tone of laughs. It's a lot more pressure to avoid toppling the tower when you're playing with blocks made from 2x4s.

Yard Yahtzee

Up the whimsey with oversized dice to play everyone's favorite dice game in the backyard. Any number of people can play along. To make your own set grab wood blocks, a bucket and start practicing your "Yahtzee!" scream.


This favorite tailgate game is just as at home on your patio or breezeway as it is in a stadium parking lot. Always a hit at our BBQ's.

Ladder Golf

This one is my personal favorite for underrated tailgate games. Make a pair of ladders for this game with PVC pipe to toss and play until the sun goes down, then just pack it up and take it to the next BBQ.

Bocce Ball

It's a really fun game that's easy to learn and pick up. All you need is a Bocce Set and a bigish patch of grass.

How do you get your game on at a Summer party?



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