Hosting a small Birthday in your Apartment
So, what do you do when you want to throw a birthday party for your little one in a small, maybe one bedroom, apartment? Well, we've done it ourselves, and it is possible.
We have a great list of tips to keep in mind if you decide to host a birthday party in your Leston Holdings Apartment. Here are a few of my favorites:
• Limit the number of guests: This is probably the most important rule if you're going to attempt this. Keep it small, and your young child won't be overwhelmed. 
• Pick a simple theme that your child is currently into interest and a simple menu, and activities can follow along.
• Set Up a PlayStation: For example, snacks in the kitchen; art project in the living area.
• Clear the playing area: Put away larger toys and put out something simple: a big roll of paper, crayons, and stickers that way all can enjoy the playing area.  We did the same thing for our daughter's 2nd birthday, and it worked well.
And here are a few things that worked for our daughter's party:
• At our party, we also hired a Balloon Fairy where she made animal balloons and afterward some glitter tattoos.  It was good to have an activity to pull everyone together at the beginning of the party and get the kids that were a little shyer warmed up. This also placed all of the children in the middle of our play area/living room. 
• We moved all of the bulkier toys (tent, tunnel, etc.) into our bedroom, and moved our sofa, which is usually in the center of the room, against the wall to provide a big open space.
• Make sure you have good air circulation. A bunch of toddlers running around in our one bedroom quickly made things stuffy and hot even in the middle of winter. We opened up our bedroom window and bedroom door to let fresh air into the rest of the apartment.
• If you have a small kitchen table or kitchen, consider rolling out some butcher paper and floor pillows for snack time. 
What tricks do you have when you host a party in a small apartment?



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