Downsizing Tips Edmonton

When going from a 2,200-square-foot traditional home to a 300-square-foot renovated Apartment by yours truly Leston Holdings fan, my family and I ended up getting rid of 80 percent of our belongings.

Downsizing is an experience that I recommend to anyone no matter the size of your home. While living in a tiny vehicle might not be for everyone, I believe that getting rid of all that overwhelming "stuff" can help you live simpler and sometimes even happier.

If your looking to downsize and live simpler. These genius tips for simplifying your "stuff", whether you're downsizing from a house to an apartment, an apartment to a tiny house, or just trying to live more minimally. 

The "new in, old out" rule
My family has a rule that if we buy a new item clothing, book, shoes, or toy for their kids we must give an old item away. This prevents our downsized life from getting overcrowded.
We also limit our clothing items (under things excluded) to fifty items per family member, per season. We can also keep an off-season tote for things we find on sale for the next season or in the next size up for our kids without overloading their drawers or storage spaces. 

The sticky note reminder
This theory suggests,  "To put Post-It notes on the door to every room in your house. For a month or two, write down the reason for entering every time you go into a room. By the end of that time, look to see how you're using your spaces. I found there were rooms in our large house I almost never used. That'll give you an idea of how you really use spaces."

Just let it go
Sometimes you hold on to stuff because you think it has some larger meaning. Books can make you feel smart if you have a lot of them on display, but books don't make you smarter just by having them. I felt and realized by giving my books away that others would benefit from them they way I did. Perfect example is the " The Alchemist," by Paulo Coelho. If there is something you are sentimental about, that will serve a greater purpose in the hands of someone else. 

Appreciate the process and stay in the moment. Purging will teach you a lot about yourself, your needs, and your wants. Instead of being overwhelmed by future uses for an object or the meaning imbued in your things, ask yourself how it makes you feel right now. It may take you multiple passes at purging in order to actually make any headway in downsizing, but trust that each pass will bring you closer to that simple life of your dreams.

Practice gratitude. You might have a lot of things and that can be overwhelming. One way to get over what seems like an enormous task at hand? Focus on how lucky you are to have had a bounty, and how fortunate you are to be able to give things away.



"I just want to thank you for all the considerations during my stay at Ekota. I appreciate all your kindness. God Bless and Happy Holidays!"

-Karl S.                


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