Have no Dishwasher? Your not alone!

The following statement pretty much sums up my thoughts on having a dishwasher: if something fits into the dishwasher, it's going into the dishwasher.

Back in the day, living in Munich, Germany I was, utterly reliant on my good friend Andy (yes, my dishwasher had a name), as the thought of cleaning dishes was just not something that uberly excited me.
Despite my current entitled attitude, I did manage to survive without a dishwasher for years before living in Munich in my shoebox apartment, and I'm pretty sure that if faced with the same situation again, I could make it work. Here are a few tips for tackling life without a dishwasher.

Get a Routine
The " When" conventional wisdom says cleaning as you go, or at the very least immediately after dinner, is the right way to go about it, but whos going to judge if you'd rather wait until the next day. The point is to find a dishwashing time that works for you when it feels the least like work and fits into your schedule.

Get Smart
If you're going to be hand-washing dishes every day, you might as well get organized about it. Start with a clean kitchen every time you cook, designate a space to pile the dirty dishes and soak baking dishes that make scrubbing tough last. 

Get Into It
When faced with a huge sink of dirty dishes, sometimes there's nothing to be done but tackle it head-on. Sure, there are things you'd rather be doing but putting it off will only make the situation worse. So put on some music and try to derive what pleasure you can from the situation. Think of it as your daily meditation, and it won't feel so bad at all.

What are your tips for living without a dishwasher?



"I just want to thank you for all the considerations during my stay at Ekota. I appreciate all your kindness. God Bless and Happy Holidays!"

-Karl S.                


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