What you need to know about Renewing your Lease

Looking to Renew your Rental Lease Agreement? Do you have concerns or questions in regards to your Lease renewal options? Do you love your apartment, or do you just like it? When you're living in modest digs with modest means, you're likely always going to think about whether the grass would be greener or the carpet would be cleaner if you moved to a new place. But deciding whether to renew your lease or move to another apartment shouldn't be a daydream decision.

Here is a solid strategy to help you start to think about renewing your lease or seeking potential apartments before you near the end of your lease.

It's all about making an honest evaluation of two things: Your current apartment, and the potential apartments you are interested in.

1. Start a List

Walk through your apartment once and make notes about things that you like and don't like. Do you love the windows? Do you get a lot of sunlight? Do you like your Kitchen?  Hate the carpet? Get these initial thoughts down on paper, then keep the notepad handy day to day in order to jot down more good and bad things as you come across them. At the end of the day (or week, or month...) or however it may take you. You should have a list of proven pros and cons about your apartment.

2. Get a Second Opinion

Step two is about adjusting and adding to your pros and cons list by seeing your space through a different pair of eyes. Invite a trusted friend or family member over and ask for their candid opinion about where you live. Their third-party opinion might force you to notice the nice things you take for granted about where you already live and help you to gain a new appreciation for your current apartment.

3. Scope Out the Scene

It's most people's step one, but this is the thing you should actually do last. Once you have a long and well-researched list, begin to seek out and visit potential new spaces that are within your budget, comparing them against your list of what you've noticed and learned about your current apartment.

With your new-found clarity, the decision at this point should be a no-brainer.

How do you decide when it's time to move on to a new apartment?

Managing Edmonton's Properties is an Art-it takes experience, the right tools, attention to detail and total commitment to quality service. We are a family owned company that values business integrity and our tenants. It is more important to us to be the best landlord not the biggest!

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"I wish to express to you that you've been friendly  and supportive during my duration at Sunset Villa.  It would be a wonderful world if we had more people like you. There are no words to say how much I appreciate your absolute kindness."

-Elaine E.      

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Our apartment buildings are a reflection of who we are as a company. We are pleased to offer some of the nicest fully renovated townhouses and apartments, ranging from bachelor to 3 bedroom suites, in superior locations throughout Edmonton. Our hands-on Management pay extra attention to all of the small details and help to provide tenants with a quiet, clean, safe place to call home.

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