Signing a Rental Lease Agreement, Edmonton

A rental property lease is an important document signed before a tenant can rent a property from a landlord. A tenant may face unexpected inconveniences because of negligence while reading the actual lease agreement.

Here are a few relevant pointers to keep in mind while signing a rental lease:

To avoid unexpected surprises, it is very important that you are clear about the specific nature of the terms of your lease.

For example, a rental property lease may be very strict regarding a potential lease break and you could be held legally responsible for exiting the property before the term period ends. In most cases, it should be understood that you need to inhabit your rented property until the end of the term period.

Responsibility for Damages
When you sign a lease agreement, it should be understood that you are responsible for any damages caused during your tenancy. These damages could be to the possessions of the landlord, or to the structure of the property itself. This might even include the damage that wasn’t caused by you. Hence, be sure you are on the same page about the pre-existing condition of the property before signing the agreement. A well documented Move in/Move out inspection will alleviate any hiccups. 

Additional Charges May Apply
Your monthly rent may or may not include additional parking or utilities.  To avoid unexpected costs, it is recommended to verify what your lease includes. 

Open Communication:

be upfront and honest with all concerns. Having open communication from the beginning helps develop a solid landlord-tenant relationship.

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