Yep,  I am the big bad landlord, Property Manager how ever you would like to title me. I like to think I am on the nice end of the landlord spectrum, but I must also have to do right and follow company policies and procedures.

For example, it requires (sometimes very significant) time, effort and/money to find new tenants. Especially, when they choose to break their lease early. 

That said, lease breaks are not the end of the world in the vast majority of situations. Every landlord will react differently to the news, and rental markets vary, but know you’re not the first person with changed circumstances in their life.

Here’s what you can expect:
• Even if you leave early, you are responsible for the remainder of the rent for the duration of the lease, or until the unit is rented to someone else, whichever comes first. If it rents for less than the current rent, you might be responsible for the difference.
• You are responsible for costs associated with renting to new tenants. 
• Don’t expect to run out and get a random person to take over your lease for the last couple of months. Many property managers don’t allow subletting. In our case, any new tenants must go through the same vetting process that you did, and sign a new lease for at least a year.
• Some Property Managers charge early termination administrative fees. Hopefully you were aware of them when you signed the lease.
• Know that landlords are not allowed to keep charging you rent if they re-rent the apartment.
• Tenant rights and responsibilities vary per province so if you are unsure of anything, or suspect your landlord is doing something fishy, the Tenancy Dispute Board of Alberta, to help you with any further questions.

Here are a few things you can do to ease your way:
• Re-read your lease for any information about early lease breaks.
• Don’t do something dumb like skip out in the middle of the night. This can affect your credit history and make it hard to rent a place, or buy a house, down the line.
• As soon as you know a lease break might be coming, call or go see your landlord and tell them upfront what’s going on. Not only will you find out exactly what’s expected of you, we as landlords can now start keeping our eyes and ears open for potential new tenants.
• Talk to your friends and see if anyone knows anyone needing an apartment asap. As landlords, we love tenants who bring us word-of-mouth rentals. They are often the quickest and easiest way to get a place rented with no fuss or bother for either party.
• Offer to show the apartment yourself. We keep a listing description ready for each apartment, and will happily post it on our Website under available rentals or Kjiji  for you, as long as you are available to show it. At some point we’ll want to chat with any prospective tenants, and do a background check, but the hard part of finding someone is over.
• Spruce up your apartment and keep it neat for all showings. Duh.

Life changes, things change and if you find yourself in this position the best way to tackle this situation is to speak to your Property Manager. He or She will give you the facts associated to your lease allowing you to prepare and make an educated decision without any hiccups. 





'Maintenance is always prompt, very much appreciated. You are the best!"

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