While it might seem like everyone is happy and in love on Valentine’s Day, many are sad or lonely or grieving.

If pink hearts and red roses aren’t in the cards for you this Valentine's Day and that’s got you down, we has some words of encouragement.

My friends, can I tell you something that is so true and sincere?

I LOVE THIS WORLD. I love this life. Even today. Despite everything. (Maybe even especially today, because it’s so absurd.)

Though some might not feel like laughing today, perhaps do something that inspires you or meet with an old friend and reminisce about the past. 

I want you to know: if you need a Valentine today, I will be yours.

Why not?  I’m always ready for an interesting experience. And I love you. So let’s do this thing. Let’s love each other. Whoever you are, and whatever your life is doing to you today, I love you. True fact.




"I just want to thank you for all the considerations during my stay at Ekota. I appreciate all your kindness. God Bless and Happy Holidays!"

-Karl S.                


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Available Rentals

Our apartment buildings are a reflection of who we are as a company. We are pleased to offer some of the nicest fully renovated townhouses and apartments, ranging from bachelor to 3 bedroom suites, in superior locations throughout Edmonton. Our hands-on Management pay extra attention to all of the small details and help to provide tenants with a quiet, clean, safe place to call home.

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West Villa Manor Apartments

We are pleased to welcome West Villa Manor to our Leston Portfolio!

Ashbury Manor Apartments

Welcome Ashbury Manor! We are pleased to be expanding or residential portfolio with our latest purchase in the Eastwood Neighbourhood of Edmonton.

Auburn Manor Apartments

Leston is pleased to announce another purchase in the city’s most densely populated neighbourhood Oliver!