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If you have recently moved into one of our cozy 550 square foot one-bedroom apartments with Leston Holdings in Edmonton. You might be wondering how all your stuff will fit. 

It's a big deal to downsize from a home to an apartment, and we both know that when it comes to downsizing a lot of our things simply won't cut.

But..... take a step back and really like your stuff and start prioritizing them.

I can honestly say and already feel the benefits of moving into a smaller new apartment. The benefits of going from big to small are evident and delightful.

1. For one the possibility of being able to only plug your vacuum in once and vacuum the whole house without having to find another outlet.

If you have just burst out laughing at this benefit and thinking it's not all that impressive or enticing, don't. Not having to stretch with your vacuum cord and not having to interrupt yourself when you're in the vacuum zone is a positive aspect of living in a smaller apartment.

2. Speaking of cleaning, you can clean your whole space a whole lot faster.
It's just a fact of life: Less square footage means less surface area to scrub. That means you'll not only be able to keep your home cleaner easier but spend less valuable time doing it.

3. The steps it takes to turn your new place into a cozy spot consist of moving your stuff in.

The thing about a small space is that you don't have to contend with any of the downsides of living in a big space, namely lofty rooms that are too big and cold feeling. Fitting your things in a small space snugly naturally lends itself to a cozy and comfy feel.

4. The downsizing of furniture means you now have only the best things you love in your space. Going from a larger space to a smaller space usually means you have to get rid of a few things. That's not a bad thing! Not only is streamlining your stuff a fantastic way to get on the path to a more uncluttered, minimalist lifestyle. When you get to your new apartment, you'll be left with your favorite, best stuff. And that's a great starting point for a new place!

Looking to downsize and live the minimalist lifestyle in Edmonton?  Check out our current availability at!

Our skilled property managers will be sure to place you in the best apartment that best suites your needs and lifestyle within the Edmonton area.



"I cannot emphasize enough how lucky I feel to have come across Leston Holdings. Having rented with them for several years. I am not exaggerating when I say that my apartment with Leston Holdings is probably the first apartment. I ever rented that truly felt like a home to me, and not just an apartment (and having lived in many cities, I have rented several apartments!), and this is in no small part due to their respectful and reliable staff. They always respond to my concerns quickly. They have been incredibly supportive and helpful in all my interactions with them, whether it's addressing parking concerns, maintenance or building issues, or anything else. Honestly, I didn't know landlords could be so wonderful, and it goes against the common stereotype I think people have of landlords, so it's really worth noting. As a side note, the apartments they maintain are (to my knowledge) in great locations, and I love the appliances and laminate / tiles they use! But, seriously, I would recommend renting a building from them just because they maintain it, regardless of anything else, because my experiences have been so positive, and I know how hard it can be to find a good landlord. :) Again, I'm so thankful for my experience with them!"

- Colette L.    

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Our apartment buildings are a reflection of who we are as a company. We are pleased to offer some of the nicest fully renovated townhouses and apartments, ranging from bachelor to 3 bedroom suites, in superior locations throughout Edmonton. Our hands-on Management pay extra attention to all of the small details and help to provide tenants with a quiet, clean, safe place to call home.

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