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Submitting a Maintenance Request

By submitting a maintenance request, you give Leston Holdings maintenance staff permission to enter your unit to assess and conduct repairs. Maintenance requests are handled on a priority basis and it is our goal to complete all repairs within 3 business days, of the initial request, between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. Every effort will be made to resolve your issue as soon as possible. While each request we receive is important to us, urgent and critical repairs will take precedence over more minor repairs. To ensure your request is handled in the most efficient manner possible and to avoid delays, please clearly describe your maintenance issue when you submit your maintenance request.

Maintenance staff will:

  • Knock twice before entry
  • Notify residents upon entering a room, unless the repair is deemed an emergency
  • Provide verbal or written notification when repairs are complete or if they need to return
  • Lock all unit doors, including bedrooms when leaving, even if the door was unlocked upon entry
Will I be billed to repair damages to my suite? 

We understand some circumstances are beyond your control (e.g. a squeaky door hinge) and we make allowances for normal wear and tear. However, reckless damage to our property such as mirrors being broken or holes punched into walls will result in you being charged for repairing the damage. Leston Holdings will conduct a thorough suite inspections in all rooms during your move-in and move-out, as well as annual suite inspections throughout your tenancy.

Be a great neighbor!

If you have a roommate or roommates, please tell them that you have submitted a maintenance request, so that they are aware that maintenance staff will be entering your shared unit. 

Emergency Maintenance Repairs!

When is a repair considered an urgent or critical repair?

  • The problem jeopardizes someone’s safety or 
  • The problem will cause further damage or loss to Leston Holdings’ property.

Using these guidelines, and your best judgement to decide, if something is a critical repair will help avoid delays in addressing regular service requests.

DO NOT submit an online request to report a critical or urgent maintenance issue.

In the case of a critical or urgent maintenance issue please immediately contact your property manager or head office at 780-444-4579 during business hours or call 780-975-0238 for after hours for assistance. This after-hours number is also listed in your welcome package, on your property manager’s voicemail and on our head office’s directory voicemail. The after-hours emergency number will connect you to the person who is on-call so they can help to assist you with any urgent situation.

In the case of an urgent or critical repair please provide:

  • Your Name
  • The name of the property
  • Your suite number
  • The nature of the problem

The maintenance department responds to repair requests as soon as possible. Some repairs will require immediate attention, such as overflowing toilets. In some cases  a temporary fix will be made to prevent further damage until a full repair can be done. Please understand that large scale emergencies such as fire, gas leaks, broken water lines, and loss of utilities will take priority. 

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